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My prices can be negotiated under certain circumstances, but for the most part they are:

(your preference of graphite, colored pencil, pen, ink, charcoal, pastel, etc)
  • Portraits- 120pts
  • Anime/Cartoon- 80pts
  • Original Characters- 50pts

PAINTINGS (your preference of watercolor, ink, acrylic)
  • Portraits- 500pts
  • Anime/Cartoon- 240pts
  • Original Characters- 170pts

TATTOO DESIGNS (exact prices depend on size/detail)

  • Line art only- 400pts+
  • Line art and Colored version- 800pts+
  • Portraits- 1000pts+

I'm not interested in money so I'd like to be paid exclusively in points~
I do everything on a case by case basis and can almost always work something out with you if you're on a budget or whatever :3

Art Trade
I'd prefer to take these on as I go.
I would love to do a physical art trade with paintings or drawings where we mail actual original art to one another. If you're interested, definitely send me a message!